I purchased a Nikon Coolpix S4100 camera in November of 2011 at Target. I did not take out an extended plan and Nikon's warranty is one year.

At sixteen months after purchase my photos started looking like double exposures and there were weird colors in some of them. I was told it is either a shutter or lense defect. I keep my camera in a case and do not abuse my things. All Nikon would do is offer to look at it via my shipping it.

I would have to pay for any work. I was told it would probably be cheaper to buy a new camera. Nikon used to have a great reputation.

This is no longer true in my opinion. I will never purchase a Nikon product again.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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My first digital camera quit working on me after several years of use but it lasted for over 10,000 pix so I can't complain. My other ones still are working.

All you can do is buy another one if it's past the warranty period.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #639156

The warranty period has passed. Why in the world would you expect Nikon---or any other manufacturer---to fix it for free??

Also, this camera is a real cheap camera and costs less than $100. Do yourself a favour and buy a better camera. I have three Nikons now plus a couple of Canons. All are over three years old and have seen much use. But, when my cameras break, I throw them away if I cannot fix them(which is usually). Digital cameras are now so cheap this is the only smart thing to do.

To complain about a cheap camera not being fixed well-past the warranty period is silly. :sigh

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