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I SenT my Nikon Lens 80-400 to clean water spots that shows on my photos.Nikon CALLED ME BACK AND TOLD ME OTHER THINGS WERE WRONG,AND COST TO FIX $ 430.00,Well i needed the lens ASAP i shoot polo games and its my season.Nikon fixed the lens and sent it back to me.

My photos again showing water spot on my photos,Nikon offer to to fix the lens again,i had sent them photos to show them my problem.NOT EVEN ONCE THAT NIKON ADVISED ME TO CLEAN THE SENSOR OF THE CAMERA.................Before sending it back i took the lens to a service center and THEY TOLD ME NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE LENS ,IT WAS THE SENSOR OF THE CAMERA cost $ are great now.

I Called back to Nikon and requested partial refund since i sent the lens for clean up THAT WAS NOT NEEDED............NIKON REP GAVE ME A HARD TIME AND HUNG THE PHONE ON ME.

i need to get a refund on the portion of the clean up

Nikon is giving me a hard time to issue a partial refund

Monetary Loss: $430.

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Brunswick, Ohio, United States #841222

They ripped me off too.

I have a Nikon camera that I sent to the Nikon office in Melville, New York for repairs.

When I sent it the first time, I enclosed a detailed letter (using Microsoft word) explaining the malfunctions. When I got it back, not only did they not fix it but, I found 3 other major malfunctions. I sent it back a second time for repairs (enclosing a detailed letter explaining the problem) I get it back 1 month later in the same condition it was in when I sent it (broken). I send it a third time for repairs (enclosing a detailed letter explaining the problem) I also emailed them at least 3 times a week explaining the problem.

They emailed me back assuring me it would not leave their factory unless it met their quality standards. Well, I get it back today and it is still broken.

It is in the exact condition it was in when I sent it the second AND third time.


*** my photos are published world wide in every Polo magazine

I will not touch the camera it's not my field. I prefer to pay to have the sensor or camera cleaned

However your bill said clearing water spots where ??


Nikon didn't rip you off. Your lack of knowledge produced the defect.

If you had any knowledge of digital capture you would know what sensor dust looks like, how easy it is to fix in post, and how simple and inexpensive it is to clean your own sensor.

Calling this "water spots" shows you don't have the knowledge base required to do professional work. Nikon is not to blame, you are!

to Nikon user of 40+ years Lake Worth, Florida, United States #653398

I shot the Us open in the rain

Lens got wet. That is why I sent it to nikom

As far as your comments keep it for the landscaper that bangs your wife

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