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The Nikon L22 coolpix camera was dropped and the micro piece of plastic that serves as a latch to keep the door closed broke. Upon inspection the little piece of plastic on the body of the camera that serves to latch the door and hold it closed is so small and cheap that the plastic failed.

With an internet search, one will read that this is a very common problem. Rather than correct it, Nikon chooses to ignore their defective design and *** many people off.

The fact that this was sold by Costco is a surprise because they are particular about quality and reputation. There does not appear to be a convenient on line location to register a complaint with Costco, I guess they do not want to hear about defective products.

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My camera was not dropped but cheap *** latch broke!!

Spokane, Washington, United States #927484

Use a finishing nail... you file the flat circle end into an oval by filing the sides down, then heat the nail to melt through the case where the old plastic pin was(slightly closer to the hinge side) and go through the second plastic barrier as well, then super glue in place.

Worked for me without too much effort... results may vary.

West Pleasant View, Colorado, United States #685250

I had the same issue with my L22 camera and based on the numerous postings on the internet this is a very common issue with the Coolpix camera & Nikon has taken the "do nothing" approach. Sure, it was a cheaper camera but it was a dumb design. They (Nikon) could not even be bothered to come up with a clever fix.

I have decided to cut my losses and do the paperclip and superglue repair & never bother with a Nikon product again.

to Anonymous Craiova, Dolj, Romania #931028

I had Nikon L10, L15 and now D5100, i was very satisfied. Don't espect their cheapest product L22 to last a lifetime if you drop it.


Don't drop your camera dumb@ss.

to So sad West Pleasant View, Colorado, United States #685266

Wow, what a twit.

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