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The multi selection (vertical) button fell off. Nikon Canada (Toronto) asks $282.49 for the replacement of a $3 rubber button.

This is a two-year old Nikon's flag ship camera D4. If you pay (tax incl.) nearly $7000 for this camera you expect that it retains itself intact under all circumstances. The drop-off of this button seems to be a very common issue with this model. I am providing with some links below that show how common the issue is. I understand that certain things may happen due to the owner's misuse or an accident. In that case there is no abuse or accident. This piece must not drop off even after years. I am not a photojournalist and don't use this camera under severe conditions, but it still did happen.

Replacing this small piece may cost to Nikon $3 + 10 minutes labour. On the other hand, it would cost an unhappy costumer, lots of word of mouth, and lose of reputation.

I wouldn't argue if it were an abuse of use or an accident. In that case, I really expect that Nikon does fix the problem, at least for the reputation of Nikon Canada and for the contentment of a nearly 20-year loyal Nikon customer.

Note: Here is only few of the links on this common issue (multi-selection vertical button) of Nikon D4:





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i have similar issue :) with both buttons

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