After contacting (by phone) Nikon customer service to complain about being sent a replacement scope that was a different model than the one that I sent in for repair, I got this email response as an explanation:

Hello Mr. X

because we didn't receive the scope in the original box we had no way of seeing that your scope was a M-223. Please send us a scan of your proof of purchase so that we can look into your case.

How could you have "no way of knowing"? You had the scope in your hands! It says "M-223" on the side of it, and it is one of YOUR products! This is absolutely ridiculous.

Proof of purchase? The scope that I sent you is my proof of purchase.

I would like a supervisor to call me as soon as possible at 520-XXX-XXXX or 520-XXX-XXXX if later than 30 minutes from now.

Hello Mr X,

Thank you for contacting Nikon Technical Support.

Please follow the link below to attach your proof of purchase :


Or send it to @nikon.net subject line pop for ref# XXXX attn : Tamara

I do not believe that I should have to send a proof of purchase, as I sent you the scope. The mistake was most obviously on your end. I have sent you the scope, and have given you the serial number which I recorded before sending in the scope. I have described my scope in detail (It was painted with a distinct camouflage pattern and should be super easy to find there at your repair facility).

I believe that you should be fixing the problem on your end as opposed to asking me to take steps to prove to you that I sent you an M-223 model scope.

Hello Mr X,

You will be sent today a UPS shipping label so you can send us back the Monarch scope that was sent to you.

We will contact you back shortly.


Tamara N.

Nikon TeamThanks for using Nikon products!

I have taken the trouble to track down and send in "proof" that I had purchased to scope. I emailed the attachment to your address, as well as to the Nikon customer service address, and cut and pasted copies to both.

Hello Mr X,

Thank you for sending your sales order confirmation.

Please confirm if you receive the UPS shipping label we emailed you on 03/20/2012 12:06 pm est.

You will use this label to send us back the MONARCH 3-12X42 MATTE W/NP scope you received.


Nikon Team

I have received it, and will send back the monarch scope at my earliest convenience, most likely by the end of the day. When can I expect my scope back, or a replacement.

Hello Mr X,

As soon as we receive the Monarch scope we will ship back your M223.

Please excuse for any inconvenience.

Best regards,

Tamara N.

Nikon Team

Wow! Ok, thanks for STILL doubting me and my word up to this point… after everything I had to do to correct this problem… Waiting on hold for endless amounts of time, navigating your confusing email reply system, finally reaching a supervisor, and all this without you or your people being willing to track down your mistake, look for the scope I described at your repair facility, match the serial number to your product, take my WORD that I received the wrong scope, and making me do each and every necessary step to correct this issue and prove that YOU were wrong and not me.

NOW, you are gonna WAIT until I send back the scope before you send me the appropriate product in return.

It so happens that I have already sent back the Monarch scope as this is what people do, honest business.

I will never again buy a Nikon product, and I will go out of my way to ensure that I suggest the same to anyone I come into contact with.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Well Mr X I have had a very similar incident as the original poster above with a similar scope. Nikon's customer service is OUTSOURCED, they know nothing about anything, no one calls back, they won't honor their warranty.

MY scope is a piece of junk that won't do what it is supposd to and they will not replace it, they just sent back the same old thing. Utterly worthless customer service.


Nikon sent back my camera with it not being repaired even though its under warranty and I bought an extended warranty. 18 days later it quits and they say its water damage.

However this camera was suppose to be waterproof to 3 meters. My other Nikon handles rain just fine. 150 bucks down the drain and they don't give a sh*t. Never again will I buy a Nikon product and I will let EVERYBODY know not to buy a Nikon.

Whenever I go into walmart - I carry a sign and walk around the camera dept for 15 minutes to let them know of my displeasure of this scam and theft of monies.

Discover Card will have the last laugh though. Complaint filed and I'm getting my money back.


I do some freelance work for Nikon and I would like to apologize for the difficulty you had getting work done on your M-223 Scope. Not that it matter's but I do believe that your experience is a rare occurance even though I realize that does nothing to help you .

Again, my apologies for the issues you had getting your scope repaired.

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